Thursday, March 14, 2013

Joe Neal asks all to protect the Buffalo River from pollution

Joe Neal writes:
"A protective attitude by human inhabitants for the entire watershed of the Buffalo River will be mandatory if it is to survive as a beautiful clear-water stream of national significance. This will mean restrictions on industry and certain types of agriculture in the area. Such modalities we must learn to accept and live with if there be places on this earth where our descendants can know and understand the wonders of creation." -- Dr Neil Compton, from The Battle for the Buffalo River (UA Press 1992).

He was a lifelong Republican who effectively combined folks to protect the Buffalo. I still don't think the Buffalo's friends bear party labels. Everyone of good will is needed to rise to the challenge implied in Dr Compton's charge to us. 

For those wanting to get a handle on the hog factory in Newton County within the Buffalo watershed, I recommend going to the Ozark Society (which Dr Compton helped found 50 years ago to oppose damming the Buffalo) website:

The hog factory and protecting the Buffalo will be on tonight's agenda of the Northwest Arkansas Audubon Society board meeting in Fayetteville. This is our river, the future of its bird community is involved, and I urge Auduboners all over Arkansas to take up Dr Compton's challenge.

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