Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Joe Neal returns to Buffalo River issue as powerfully as only he can: Please use link to view video featuring more comment from Joe Neal and other experts on Buffalo River hog-farm issue

For more powerful comments on the Hog Farm issue by Joe Neal and many others, please watch full version of May 1, 2013, Buffalo River Watershed Alliance panel discussion in Fayetteville on May 1 2013.
The same folks who say President Obama's birth certificate is a "100% fraud" are convinced White River Watershed National Blueway is an attempt by the United Nations to grab 17.8 million acres from the American people. Here's a snippet from them:
"The whole purpose of this Blueway is to take over ALL land and Surface Water . . . the goals are to rewild over 50% of the United States . . . The Blueway is presented as some warm and fuzzy program to protect the environment, when in fact it is an unlawful federal land grab with an end run game plan to drive you off of your land, so some obscure endangered species won’t be threatened by man’s progress."I haven't seen anyone in the UN's purported black helicopters when I've been out birding, but currently in northwest Arkansas, we have a power company with eminent domain rights planning new powerline corridors. If built, one would have direct negative impact on a large nesting site for Great Blue Herons near Beaver Lake dam. I guess they will control vegetation in the corridors by spraying herbicides from helicopters.
Already built, and now operating in the watershed of the Buffalo National River, is a large confined animal feeding operation (CAFO) for hogs. Untreated wastes from this CAFO pose a direct threat to native birds like Louisiana Waterthrushes that forage on aquatic insects like caddis flies. The CAFO is also a threat to a tourist industry involving more than a million folks yearly. This is a Cargill operation – Cargill, the worldwide giant.
Here's a pro-Blueways snippet: "The National Blueways System recognizes and supports local and regional conservation, outdoor recreation, education, and sustainable economic development activities. The recognition has no legal impact on private property . . . The Program is entirely voluntary and private landowners choose whether or not to participate in any assistance programs or initiatives . . ."
The Bible we had when I was a kid showed our creator as an older white male with a long flowing beard. As I've gotten older I realized God could just as well be one of those obscure aquatic insects in the rivers, or even a plain brown bird that bobs as it walks along the river.
 Something to think about. God as caddis fly, or perhaps Louisiana Waterthrush, and not too forgiving of our pollution.