Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Horned Grebes, Ring-billed Gulls, Common loon, Tree swallows get attention of Joe Neal at Beaver Lake

The Horned Grebes (~25) on Beaver Lake are busy trading smart winter black & whites for their even smarter black necks & backs & golden plumes, offset with a deep red eye. Even with today's north wind and choppy water, it was plainly evident where all of this is headed. 

Joan Reynolds and I were parked sideways in the Arkansas Game & Fish boat launch off highway 12, east of Rogers overlooking big wide water in the Prairie Creek area. Easy birding pretty, scope on the window, pretty much out of the cool north wind. 

After grebes, smart mostly whites of a few Ring-billed Gulls, perched in a rough formation on a small island. Then a Common Loon, which like the grebes, has been busy trading whites and grays of winter for black heads and backs with black & white checks. 4 of 5 loons visible from highway 12 looked like they were ready for one or another of the various versions of Loon Lake way up north, or would be, with just a little more molt.

Also out over choppy water, Tree Swallows. Some have already taken up residence involving boxes at AG &F's nursery pond, as a swallow flies, not far from where we were parked.

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