Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Joe Neal forwards email from Donna and Kelly of Still on the Hill

Dear Friends,

I am forwarding something with a recommendation you take a look and see if this sort of activity works for you. Kelly and Donna are my just up the street neighbors here in Fayetteville, are friends, fellow birders (they both teach at the Halberg camp) and their music and the content of their songs is extraordinary and meaningful. So when they propose something like this, I consider it worth taking a look. I know their song "Too much information" and agree with what Donna says, but we have to do something, don't we. What Donna is proposing is something and may be a fit for some of you. -- Joe

From: Kelly and Donna [still@stillonthehill.com]
Sent: Monday, February 25, 2013 9:29 PM
To: Still on the Hill
Subject: The Obama Letters- My Blog

Remember our TMI song?  Too Much Information? (visit the YOUTUBE link on our website www.stillonthehill.com to hear us singing it at RADIO SHACK...what irony)

We dislike technology for the most part and don't even have a TV or smart phone...BUT computers can be a good tool, even I have to admit. So kicking and screaming I figured out how to do a BLOG for my Obama Letters.

I am attempting to create a COLLAGE and LETTER to President Obama about Climate Change...SEVERAL TIMES A WEEK and actually MAIL them! I have sent off 3 so far. I wanted to create a BLOG to save them and make them easily accessible to check view.

The top page right now (altho it will move down the line as I post more) is WHY I AM DOING THIS...and how YOU can be part of it, if you SO desire! (NO PRESSURE)

So I hope this works for you, I am new at this, so there will be a learning curve!~

Here is the link to paste in your browser


Let me know if it worked or post a comment on the site.  BUT if your world is too full of emails and blogs already...as MOST of us are buried in this stuff....then simply IGNORE THIS!!!  (I won't cry too hard)

Donna Stjerna

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