Friday, February 8, 2013

Joe Neal and David Oakley visit Kessler Mountain again

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Download spring peepers and leopard frogs Kessler Feb 16, 2013-30 seconds.mp3 (302.0 KB)
spring pe...mp3
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Hi Frank and all,

David Oakley and I went up on Kessler Mountain last night in the rain. Once again we found spotted salamanders going to the little roadside pond. There was a vigorous chorus of spring peepers and the start of a leopard frog chorus. Quite a night on Kessler, all in all.

The tenants in the house your son built have been very friendly as we clump around in the rain with flashlights.

I have attached a spotted salamander picture, plus a short file with the spring peeper chorus, from last night. 

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