Sunday, March 8, 2009

Daylight-saving time means woodcock roosting will be later this week

(1) Well, as I do annually, I plum forgot about daylight savings time.
I will still be out there at 5:30, as announced, but the dancin' is
unlikely until near sunset, which is an hour later, as of today! But
there is other stuff to do, anyway. (2) When I set the trip up I
didn't know Forest Service road 1754 would be under reconstruction,
which it is. Therefore, I must assume we will have a short (but
interesting & birdy, etc etc) walk to the fields, rather than drive in
there with our bigtime gas guzzlers. (3) BRING A FLASHLIGHT. Jacque
Brown reminded me that it is a great idea to bring a flashlight, since
we have this unplanned walk (see #2) out. She & Mike found woodcocks
still going there yesterday (Saturday). (4) Just in case there is
comment that our Sunday field trip interfers with church: it is a kind
of church & hopefully we will have a big worshipful congregation at
our upcoming Wedington services.

JOSEPH C. NEAL in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

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