Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bewick's wren photographed by David Oakley on February 22, 2009

Please click on image of Bewick's wren to Enlarge photo made by G. David Oakley of Springdale on 2/22/09 when Mike Mlodinow, Jacque Brown, and Oakley identified the wren at Pea Ridge Military Park where Mike had found it a couple of weeks previously.

At the risk of showing just how poorly I function as a photographer of birds, I am displaying a different species photographed on March 2, 2009, near a hollow portion of a damaged maple tree in the hope that someone will identify its species by clicking on the "comments" link below and sharing the information. Please click on the image to ENLARGE. The photo will still be blurry but will likely made identification easy for those who recognize it.

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