Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rock wren, Spotted sandpiper, Merlin and Red Crossbills on Joe Neal's bird outing on 24 January 2013

Joyce Shedell from Highfill, Brenda Mullins from Lowell, and I saw 26 Red Crossbills at Fayetteville Country Club this morning. We also had close looks at a Merlin.

I heard a flock as soon as I arrived at 9 AM, but we walked for an hour or so in a cool NE breeze before Joyce spotted birds in a small leafless tree that proved to be crossbills. We had good spotting scope looks, not as picturesque as birds up in the pine cones, but you can sure the bill cross well out in the open the way we had them this morning.

Crossbills and a Merlin have been at FCC since some time in November.

After crossbills we went out to the Noland wastewater treatment facility. We quickly saw the Spotted Sandpiper there, and then the Rock Wren.
By Joe Neal

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