Monday, February 13, 2012

Woodcock the featured player this weekend in Northwest Arkansas

February 18, 2012 (Saturday evening) Northwest Arkansas Audubon  
Society hosts an American Woodcock field trip to Wedington Wildlife  
Management Area (Ozark NF west of Fayetteville). Meeting time, 5:30  
PM. Field trip led by woodcock expert David Krementz. Dr Krementz will  
provide lots of information about woodcocks as part of this field  
trip. The trip is free and open to the public. Everyone is welcome.
The 450 acre Wedington Small Game Area is located on the northwest  
corner of the Wedington Unit of the Ozark-St. Francis NF, approx. 16  
miles west of Fayetteville & approx. 4 miles east of Siloam Springs.  
The 15,000 acre Wedington Unit is designated as an Urban Forest. We  
will observe woodcocks in the small game area.
DIRECTIONS: From the intersection of HWY 412 and Interstate 540 in  
Springdale, go west approx. 13.2 miles on HWY 412. Note that Kincheloe  
Road bisects 412, with turns north AND south. If you are driving from  
Springdale, you will first pass Kincheloe Rd on your north at approx.  
12.6-12.7 miles; don't turn. Keep going another 0.5 miles and turn  
left SOUTH onto Kincheloe Road and travel WEST for approx. 1.3 miles  
to Forest Service road 1754. We will meet at this intersection  
(Kincheloe and FS 1754) at 5:30 PM. (If you arrive late, drive 1754 &  
find us ? we will be less than a mile away on the road).
STUFF YOU CAN BRING: binoculars, a flashlight, don't wear bright  
clothes, and sturdy walking shoes. You can bring a chair, since we  
will sit and wait for the woodcock displays to begin near and shortly  
after sunset. LOTS of other birds are in the area to enjoy during the  
wait. Mosquitoes could be out if the weather is warm. Overall, this  
should be a fairly easy trip for most folks, including those with  
walking impairments. The woodcock displays should be viewable/audible  
near where we park.
MAPS: if you use Google Earth, type Kincheloe Road Siloam Springs, AR  
into the search.
Finally, if this trip doesn't fit your schedule, here's a  
do-it-yourselfer, around the same time: woodcocks also dance at Lake  
Fayetteville. Last year, birds displayed in the big open field  
immediately WEST of the Environmental Study Center and on the disk  
golf course.
For more information, call Joe Neal 479-521-1858.

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