Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Three important events of interest this week

Three Interesting Events

Tomorrow, Thursday July 7th at 1:00     A Tree Hug    Lemonade and Tea provided.  Bring a chair if you'd like to sit and enjoy the shade provided by
 this 100 plus year old tree.  Where--at the old Summercorn Tofu Factory....just west of the railroad track on the north side of Cato Springs Road.
     Cato Springs Road is being widened, sidewalks added, etc.  All good.  The event is to raise awareness about how to keep from killing the tree during construction. Hopefully the information relayed at this Tree Party will be conveyed to other construction projects. Tree deaths could often be prevented, if a few precautions are taken.

Saturday Night at Nightbird Books at 7:00 PM   Dr. Joanie Patterson and Audubon will be showing a half hour powerpoint done by National Audubon about the BP spill, loss of wetlands, and effort to restore the coast to a more natural state. The powerpoint is really well done, fascinating, educational. We need to get 100 postcards signed and sent to Congress urging funding for the restoration of the wetlands.  Come learn how what happens in the wetlands affects your life. If you can't come, but would like to sign a postcard, just email       We want to mail all 100 together, so it will be a couple of weeks before I get them all collected.

And on Sunday morning Joe Neal will be leading a bird walk at Chesney Prairie, near Siloam Springs. For more information go to NWAAS web site at and follow the link on the left : Places to bird in northwest Arkansas

Louise  Mann

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