Friday, May 21, 2010

Insect world displayed on LepTree and now shared on Encyclopedia of Life

LepTree announcement

Greetings from the LepTree Project!

We would like to make the happy announcement that we have started sharing all content from all LepTree taxon templates with the Encyclopedia of Life ( - browse around on EOL and see for yourself!  For an example check out Arrhenophanidae by Don Davis – and then type in other taxon names in the EOL "find" field to see others. (You can look at LepTree’s taxon template status matrix as a reminder of which families are populated with information - all of it is now shared.)
This partnership means broader visibility for LepTree taxon content.  We hope this will encourage you to make template contributions to your favorite Lepidoptera taxa on LepTree!  Please contact Dana if you would like help getting set up with access to edit the templates on leptree, or if you are already registered as a leptree taxon editor but want a refresher on how to add content go to our template instructions page.
EOL is set to automatically collect all new LepTree content once a week, so new contributions to LepTree will continue to be shared regularly. LepTree taxon information is interspersed on EOL with contributions by other EOL partners. You’ll see at the top of the EOL taxon page that LepTree is cited as the contributing source (with a link to the original data on LepTree) and the author is also specified for each category of information.  Also notice that image files and references are also being transferred into the EOL text.  
At some point in the future we hope to share content more regularly with Tree of Life ( as well.
If you have comments or questions please let us know – we’re working to optimize sharing procedures and your feedback is valuable.  
Thanks for your support,
The LepTree team

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