Tuesday, March 2, 2010

72 Hours for American Clean Energy!
Call Your Senators Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

Dear Aubrey,

Urge your U.S. Senators to pass comprehensive energy and climate legislation now.

Rising sea levels. Stronger storms. Melting ice caps. Less wildlife. Birds shifting their ranges — if they can.

This doesn't have to be our future — or our legacy.

With leadership from the Senate, we can change our future. Please join with millions of Americans and call your Senators today. Our planet is in peril and we need the Senate to act on passing comprehensive clean energy and climate change legislation this year.

Please call your Senators now. We want to make sure the Senate understands the urgency to get moving on climate legislation NOW. It will only take a few moments and every call is important. Every call will make our point loud and clear.

Today, we are joining with dozens of organizations representing millions of Americans, calling on the U.S. Senate to pass comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation. We can't let special interests and a few Senators who want to stop this bill sink our chances for a better future for our children and the wildlife we speak for.

Take action with our step by step instructions and simple message. These measures will help create jobs, get us off foreign oil and secure our nation and our future. Tell your Senators you want comprehensive energy and climate change legislation now.

Do you know someone else who cares about protecting our future? Help us to spread the word:

Trouble with the "Take Action" links in the message? Try cutting-and-pasting this link into your web browser: www.audubonaction.org/ClimateCalls

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