Friday, August 14, 2009

Joe Neal reminds people to listen to his reports and bird songs on KUAF FM radio and online

Joe Neal reports
Some folks might enjoy my recent short piece for Ozarks At Large (OAL) on KUAF, the National Public Radio affiliate at UA-Fayetteville. It involves Great Egrets nesting on a sandy island in the Arkansas River near Alma. You can get the program on this page:

I have been doing such programs as a volunteer for KUAF off & on since 2001. Quite a few are now readily available from the OAL archives. Producer Jacqueline Froelich (with additional technical help from other KUAF staff) taught me to use a compact digital recorder (current model is Sony Hi-MD Walkman MZ-RH1 & a Sennheiser shotgun mic) & Cool Edit sound editing software. I go out and find the sweet spots where birds are singing -- or as in the case of Chesney prairie Natural Area -- where prairie mole crickets are courting -- get a bunch of recordings, bring them home & edit them, and write a brief descriptive commentary. Froelich then packages into a program of 4-5 minutes.

What birds, frogs, crickets say interests me quite a lot, especially when our social air is often so heavily polluted. I rarely feel that way when some of the earth's other residents are talking...and I'm just listening in to catch the latest...
Joe Neal

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