Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Painted buntings and such in Fayetteville sighted by Joe Neal

I have found 2 males in 2 spots along the Scull Creek Trail, in
Fayetteville. One place is just northeast of where the trail crosses
North Street, in the regenerating backlot of Tune Concrete. The second
is a regenerating open space immediately southwest of where the trail
crosses Poplar. From a map, it is apparent these two places are fairly
close -- one could easily walk, bike, or roll to both from parking at
either end (or skateboard). Also, note how the creek & trail parallel
the old Frisco tracks, also decent Painted habitat within this urban
context. Painteds have been in this area (including the University
farm) for a long time. As always, knowing the song makes a 500%
difference in outcomes.

If all else fails, Painted have nested for years at the home of
Richard & Martha Stauffacher, in NW Fayetteville, and they are coming
to the feeders there now.

JOSEPH C. NEAL in Fayetteville, Arkansas

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  1. Since the riparian corridor was mostly eliminated and and its soil paved over, there are fewer birds but the survivors are easier to see.
    Isn't that like bombing the rain forest in order to be able to count its inhabitants and predict what species would become extinct next?