Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quieter Saturday at Lake Fayetteville likely May 2 as bird-watchers gather at 7 a.m.

David Chapman, who will lead this field trip, below provides
additional information about plans for the day. Please note that there
are several ways to shorten the day if you choose, plus we will
shuttle folks back on the one long segment:

DIRECTIONS: For those not familiar with Lake Fayetteville, the park
lies on the east side of Hwy 71B between Fayetteville and Springdale.
The dam is clearly visible from 71B. From Fayetteville turn right
past Locomotion, from Springdale turn left a few hundred yards past
Outback restaurant. We will meet at 7 am in the parking lot on the
north end of the dam, just outside the marina gate (ball fields, dam,
and marina all in this immediate area).

ROUTE: We will first walk the dam birding the spillway area and
Veterans Park. We will return the same way (about 45-60 minutes) and
join any latecomers by the entrance to the boat dock, where cars are
parked. After briefly investigating the pines at the marina
(Yellow-throated Warbler, Pine Warbler etc) we will bird the northern
shore in an easterly direction (about 1 mile) to the environmental
study center. Brush up on Empidonax! Yellow-bellied and Alder
Flycatcher have been regularly recorded here (plus numerous warblers,
etc). If anyone has to leave at this point I will take them back to
the car park. For those who wish to continue we will follow the trail
through the woods and bottomland and then do the northern loop through
old field/former prairie habitat (1 mile). The latter is very scenic;
Chat, Painted Bunting, etc. are good possibilities. On return to the
environmental study center I can drive folks back to cars near the
marina lot.

CONDITIONS: Fairly flat, part hard top trail, part track than can get
muddy after overnight rain. Part of this is accessible for those with
walking impairments.

TALLY: a days birding in early May usually results in 80-90 species.

Posted for David Chapman by JOSEPH C. NEAL in Fayetteville, Arkansas

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